The 5 most important factors in designing a website

The 5 most important factors in designing a website

Information is most commonly searched on the Internet. The first contact that coustomers make with the company is most commonly realized through the website. That makes the first impression very important, or even crucial for the future cooperation.
Statistics show that online users in a matter of seconds decide to stay on the web site when they are looking for information they need.

Before you start designing your website you should make a plan or framework which should contain the following 5 factors

1. Visual and interactive elements

The harmonious colors we can pick for free will help us make the right choice using tools created by experts.
Our brand that has been built for so long must be present in every aspect of our website. It must be recognized both in visual identity and in content.

2. Use and organization of the website

We should always keep in mind that visitors to the web are there because of the products and services we offer and not the website itself. Complicated and unclear set of uses on the web can tire or (even worse) disappoint them. Disappointed customers tend not to return. Navigation, menus and links must be simple and clear to all users.
A good example are online sales websites where customers often give up before they make a purchase because (for example) the shipping cost is not visible.

3. RWD

Responsive web design is considered the most important feature of modern web sites. It allows our web to be loaded on smaller devices such as cell phones, tablets and laptops.
Research tells us how online search is most commonly done through mobile phones, which is why we consider RWD to be key to our web.

4. Content

I believe that we are all aware of how much content affects the visual impression and obtaining relevant information about the products and services we offer. Content in Internet Marketing gets a new dimension because of advertising through various channels like Google AdWords. The blog here plays a big part. It is important to emphasize that the content of various topics can present our business and our brand to the wider audience.

5. Innovation

Technologies are changing from day to day as well as market trends. That is why we have to improve our website daily. That is how we can attract new but also keep existing customers.

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